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Quick Look: STREETBEEFS comes from a YouTube channel where "beefs" are settled in an arena known as Satan's Backyard. The idea came about when founder "Scarface" became tired of seeing people needlessly injured or killed in senseless acts of violence on the streets, so he created an environment where issues can be settled and quashed in a controlled one on one confrontation.

The matches are supervised by a referee and witnessed by spectators, and participants must be at least 18 years old. Most of the matches pit similar-sized individuals against one another so there is not a distinct advantage for one of the fighters. There are two different styles of fighting, boxing and MMA. Not all of the fights are "beefs" - some fights are purely for sport where contestants test their skills and are awarded with honorary championship belts. Fighters receive no monetary compensation, just the satisfaction of knowing they won the bragging rights.

There are only a handful of videos available on the Roku channel, however their YouTube channel contains hundreds of videos like the one shown below.

-- Information is current as of June 18, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: STREETBEEFS founder SCARFACE was the focus of the New York Times documentary titled GUNS TO GLOVES and was also in the February 2019 edition of ESPN Magazine. After years of watching people in my area severely hurt each other over various disputes, I decided to offer a solution. Come to SATAN'S BACKYARD and put gloves on to settle your dispute. No guns, No knives, No gang of friends jumping in. Just you, your Foe, the referee, and a group of spectators. I've settled hundreds of disputes in our area with this method, and hope to settle THOUSANDS more, all while entertaining my viewers.

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