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StreamNet Radio

Quick Look: StreamNet Radio on Roku currently offers the following content, which is subject to change:

  • The Library Card - Audio books, reviews, and writers workshops
  • The Demo Tour - Information on being a StreamNet content provider
  • Lifestyle - An episode of "Roads and Riders"
  • Vintage Radio - Live streams of 1930s - 1950s radio crime dramas, "The Wartime Beat" (news and entertainment from 1939-1946), and jazz recordings from 1920-1938
  • FCC AM/FM stations - Live video simulcast from KHND-AM 1470 The Mix in Harvey, North Dakota
  • On Stage! - Episodes of "The Muleswriter Chronicles" and several original songs from Craig Marlatt
  • The "Secret Agent Man" Show - Episodes of "Gary Gatehouse from the files of The Secret Agent Man"
  • What's Next, Aileen? - Aileen Milton of The Villages, Florida, talks about political candidates, education, and "the deep state"

-- Information is current as of October 12, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: StreamNet Radio offers a variety of live and on-demand shows. Talk, variety, live bands with original songs, new comics, history and vintage programs can all be found on StreamNet Radio. Most of the live content comes from talk shows originating from many locations in the US and England, and a live "new band" showcase show originates from New York City. Some of the content may be a little goofy and some just over the top, but all of it strives to entertain and engage its audience.

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DEVELOPER: Click Here Software Co

FEES: None