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Quick Look: STIRR is a free, ad-supported streaming service from Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest local television station operator in the United States by number of stations and by total coverage. On Roku, STIRR provides access to local news, sports, and entertainment from several dozen Sinclair stations across the US. You won't find live broadcasts from these stations, but you'll get recommendations for On demand for the city you select when you initially launch the channel. (You can change your city at any time by scrolling to the very top of the screen and selection "STIRR City from the menu bar.)

STIRR also has a current selection of over 20 live streams, although there's not much here that isn't already available on other services like Pluto or as a standalone Roku channel. The names you're most likely to familiar with include Cheddar, Dove, FAILARMY, BUZZER, World Poker Tour, Comet, Gravitas Movies, and NASA. STIRR also has three of its own branded live streams: STIRR Sports, STIRR Movies, and STIRR Life.

You'll also find five categories of VOD: Best of the Week, Browse All Films, TV Shows & Web Series, Games & Highlights, and Food, Fitness & More. Films are available in the genres of Action, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, and Romance. There are just a handful of titles in each category - this is no Netflix. Likewise, the pickings are slim under TV and other categories, but the menus also provide links to shows and events currently on the live streams.

All things considered, STIRR will likely be popular for those interested in local news, sports, and events if your local station is one of those represented on this channel. If the live streams interest you, be sure to check out the channel guide (available from the menu bar that appears when you scroll to the very top of the screen), which makes browsing much easier. Otherwise, you can find most the same fare, and much more, elsewhere on Roku.

-- Information is current as of February 19, 2019

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