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Step 1 TV Studios

Quick Look: Step 1 TV Studios on Roku comes from Step1 TV, which is broadcast in the Los Angeles area on KTVA channel 35.10 and is billed as "the nation's newest urban television" according to a September 2018 announcement. On Roku, this channel offers a variety of urban entertainment, including the following:


  • The Independents - Hip hop and DJ talent show
  • Ntha Mix - A look at top and trending hip hop music videos

Talk Shows

  • Changing Steps - Talk show host Belinda baker invites guests into her house to discuss a myriad of hot topics including "Grieving Mothers," "Churches Divided," and "Women After Incarceration."


  • 5 episodes of "Ghetto Court" including "Threesome, we're done," "Pump Yo Brakes," and "Who Clocked Ya."

Reality TV

  • 2 Episodes from "Taste of Hunney" - Actress Patrice Fischer teams up with an ex-con lingerie designer to launch a new line

-- Information is current as of November 30, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Step1TV is a multi-platform channel designed to deliver cool content on the go, Watch us in LA on 35.10, download our app or stream us live.

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