StaX - Sort Puzzle

Quick Look: StaX - Sort Puzzle is a rather simple game where the object is to move all similarly-colored balls into their own vessel. The game begins with several containers filled with different colored balls - your job is to separate each of the colors from each container and drop them into a different container containing only one color. To move a ball you must highlight the container using the directional arrows on your remote and click OK, then the top ball can be moved to another container that you highlight in the same manner. Continue this process until all of the balls have been separated into different containers. Once completed you can move on to the next level continuing with the same process. See screenshots of the game below.

-- Information is current as of January 8, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: StaX - Sort Puzzle

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FEES: None for basic version, Ad-free is available for a one time purchase of $2.99