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Stash TV has a collection of modern-era movies in the following categories, with the indicated number of titles available at the time of our review:

  • Drama - 38 titles
  • Documentary - 40 titles
  • Horror - 40 titles
  • Action - 27 titles
  • Comedy - 38 titles
  • Thriller & Crime - 40 titles
  • Mystery - 8 titles
  • Science Fiction - 21 titles
  • Family - 2 titles

Recently-added titles include Wal-Bob's (2015), in which a high school student joins an underground football league after blowing his chance to play college football by bombing the S.A.T.s; Bosses (2022), a film about a leader of a brutal criminal organization who is given seven days to leave town or die and must race against time to find out who wants him dead; and Sex and the Lonely Woman (1972), about an unhappily married woman who finds love in the arms of an escaped convict, but her sadistic husband and his diabolical friend have other plans in store.

-- Information is current as of September 21, 2022

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