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Stake Game is modeled after the Plinko game available on the social-play casino site According to, Plinko is inspired by the Japanese mechanical game known as Pachinko. Players drop a ball from the top of a triangular pin pyramid that consists of 8 to 14 rows - see the screenshots below. The ball randomly drops though the pins and comes to rest in a multiplier, with the multiplier range dependent on the number of rows selected by the player. For example, 8 rows provide multipliers of 0.4 to 13, while 14 rows have multipliers ranging from 0.2 to 58. The multiplier determines how much you win or lose on each ball played - if your ball lands on a multiplier of 0.2, your $100 bet turns into $2 in your account, but a 15 multiplier turns that hundred into $1,500. This game is only for fun, of course - you aren't betting real money.

Players can select manual (you press "start" for every ball you want to drop) or auto (balls keep dropping until you stop them) modes, and you can bet either $1 or $2 per ball. The game tracks the payout and profit for each bet.

-- Information is current as of September 15, 2022

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DEVELOPER: sitn'joy

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Stake Game - Plinko on Roku
Stake Game - Plinko on Roku
Stake Game - Plinko on Roku