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Sophisticated Ape Radio Plus

Quick Look: Sophisticated Ape Radio Plus on Roku plays a variety of music while letting users select poetry that they can view on-screen, including "Rain" by Alfred Kreymborg, "Apology" by Wiliam Carlos Willams, and "Four Haiku" by Basho.

Be warned that the channel poorly designed. It launches with music playing instead of allowing you the option to start and stop streaming, and you'll be dumped back to the Roku home screen if you try to exit a poetry selection with your back button (after some trail and error, we found that the left and right arrow buttons on your Roku remote will close the poetry window).

-- Information is current as of October 23, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Sophisticated Ape Arts Zine - modern literature and independent music from around the world. Radio stream broadcasting 24/7 avant garde, rock, blues, jazz, prog weirdness coupled with art and literature. Completely free and ad free. Submit art & music to

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DEVELOPER: Howl Communication

FEES: None

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