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Solitaire Classic

Quick Look: Solitaire Classic, as the name implies, is the most-common version of the card game solitaire, also known as "patience." The object is to move all of the cards onto the four foundations by building up from the Ace. The game starts out with with 7 columns, or piles, of cards; move a card from the tableau, or one or more cards from any pile, by using your directional arrows and OK button on your remote. Move cards of alternating colors in descending order onto piles, while moving cards into ascending order onto the foundations of the same suits.

If you make a mistake you can undo the move by clicking the "UNDO" button, going all the way back to the beginning of the game if you need to. Unlike most video solitaire games this game deals out 3 cards at a time instead of just one at a time. If you get confused or want to verify the rules there are instructions available on the game under the MENU tab.

-- Information is current as of July 15, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: A gamer favorite for years! Place all the cards in each suit in stacks of ascending order.

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DEVELOPER: PlayWorks Digital LTD

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