Soccer Shots Free

Quick Look: Soccer Shots Free is an ad-sponsored channel where you can play either the goalie or the opponent trying to score. If you choose the player trying to score you are given moving "bulls-eye targets' to aim at with a goalie trying to block your shot. The game is timed, giving you 2 minutes to score as many goals as possible If you hit one of the target(s) you get a goal. Your score is kept and high scores are maintained as long as you continue to play.

To aim the ball where you want to shoot, use the arrow keys on your remote and press OK when you are ready to take a shot.

If you decide to play the goalie, the game lasts as long as you continue to make saves. Missing a shot ends the game, where you are prompted to continue or quit. Like the above game high scores are kept as long as you continue to play. To move your goalie use the Left and Right Arrow keys on your remote to control his movement.

-- Information is current as of September 15, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Play for free to see how many goals you can make!

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