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Smiley Crew TV

Quick Look: Smiley Crew TV is channel from Smiley Crew Productions, a YouTube creator that originated in 2001 and produces skits, animated shorts, and original series. They nnel went into hibernation for an extended period of time but are now currently producing new content as well as promoting their earlier work. This Roku channel is dedicated to the early content, released mostly from 2007-2012. Content consists of original series, including episodes from Animal Fury (a spoof on animal documentaries); The Boozer and Stubs Show, Migginnty Jones (the worst lawyer money can buy); and SGTVA (Super Video Game Talk Alpha), a video game talk show hosted by puppets.

One of the videos currently available on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of January 21, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: The Home of Smiley Crew Productions. Starting in 1999, the wacky group of foolish friends found their way onto your Roku somehow with their original shows and crazy skits. From Boozer to Angus to Murder Bear and more, stay up to date with The SCP.

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DEVELOPER: Smiley Crew Productions

FEES: None