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Sky Cam

Quick Look: Sky Cam provides a regularly-updated library of videos in the categories of Drone Flight Videos, Latest News & Updates, and Tech & Drones. The videos come from a variety of online sources like the haanity and Rumble Viral YouTube channels and local newscasts. Videos include stunning aerial videos, drone-related news, equipment reviews, and more, with titles that currently include "Kitesurfing paradise of Greece captured in epic drone footage," "Local schools use drones to enhance safety plans," and "Fremont Police Drone Finds Missing Deaf Teen."

Other Roku channels covering drones include DRONE, Drone Age, Drone Valley, Drone Videos, and DroneTV.

-- Information is current as of March 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Sky Cam aims to be your eyes in the sky. We bring you amazing landscape fly-overs and news related to drones. This channel will quickly become your favorite with the breathtaking scenes filmed on drones all over the world!

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