Quick Look: Skeptiko consists of a series of podcasts from leading authorities in their respective fields. The channel offers podcasts in the following categories:

  • N.D.E. - Near-death experience science and the ever growing body of peer-reviewed research surrounding it
  • Parapsychology - Parapsychology and science that defies our current understanding of consciousness.
  • Consciousness - Consciousness research and the every expanding scientific understanding of who we are.
  • Spirituality – Spirituality and the implications of new scientific discoveries to our understanding of it.
  • Others – Others and the strangeness of close encounters.
  • Skepticism – Skepticism and what we should make of the “Skeptics”

The length of podcasts varies from 10 minutes to almost 2 hours. Each category consists of roughly 30 different episodes, each having a different guest discussing their area of expertise

-- Information is current as of June 22, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Science at the tipping Point. is the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness. We cover six main categories: Near-death experience, Parapsychology, Consciousness research, Spirituality, Others (close encounters) and Skepticism

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DEVELOPER: Marcelo Lv Cabral

FEES: None

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