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Quick Look: SideWalks TV carries nearly 500 videos that feature interviews with celebrities, muppets, athletes, and anyone else the show's producers find interesting. Originating in the San Francisco Bay Area, the series “Sidewalks Entertainment” originally featured sidewalk street performers, but over the years has morphed into what the series website describes as a "celebrity-based interview and music program."

Although the show is now weekly one-hour program for cable and broadcast stations, the Roku channel consists mostly of short video clips. Unfortunately, the channel menu is poorly done, with videos uncategorized except as groups of 50 called "Page 1," "Page 2," etc., in many cases full titles are not shown in full, and there are not video description.

An example video can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of June 8, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: SideWalks TV Sidewalks Entertainment” has been a long-running series originating from the San Francisco Bay Area market. Launched in 1988, the multiple award-winning series is the brainchild of producer Richard R. Lee, who continues to direct, edit, and occasionally co-host the talk / variety program.

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