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SHG Living Network

Quick Look: SHG Living Network features a variety of content for eco-minded homeowners who want to create green, healthy, and energy-efficient spaces both indoors and out. The channel is full of ideas to create such spaces with how-to instructional videos, shopping hints, and ideas to assist you in creating your space.

Videos are available in two categories, Home improvement and Garden & Landscaping, both of which offer insightful information from professional designers and contractors alike. There is also a Live Stream that plays random episodes from the channel's video library.

-- Information is current as of April 30, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: We’ve compiled some of what we see as the most engaging and entertaining content from creators in the home and garden space. We’re also giving preference to a bent on smart home technologies, healthy home living, and green, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient home design and building.

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DEVELOPER: SHG Living Network, LLC

FEES: None