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Shelby Streamcast Radio Free

Quick Look: Shelby Streamcast Radio Free offers listeners nearly 500 Internet radio stations (not the "thousands" claimed in the Roku channel store description) from around the world. Every genre of music is available, from easy listening and classic rock to reggae and EDM. Unfortunately, these stations are listed in random order with no ability to sort or filter by genre or geographic location. And, unlike the screenshots in the Roku channel store would indicate, the current track being played is not shown, and the only information provided for individual stations is the number of listeners and the stream bitrate (always 128 kbps); the genre for every station is shown as Top 500. See our own screenshot below.

A better alternative for Internet radio on Roku is TuneIn, which boasts over 120,000 streaming radio stations and a much better user interface.

-- Information is current as of April 30, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Enjoy thousands of streaming radio stations! TONS of options - display (or don't!) the date, time, station, and more! Save favorite stations for easy access! There is NO better sounding, looking, or performing radio streaming app! Showcase your big screen as the ultimate music streaming jukebox!

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Shelby Streamcast Radio Free