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Chillaxation Network

Quick Look: Chillaxation Network provides a series of relaxing videos with soothing music or the sounds of nature playing in the background. There are several different categories to choose from, depending on your mood. Choices include:

  • Christmas Window
  • Misty Morning Relaxation (Music Mix)
  • Misty Morning Relaxation (Nature Mix)
  • Ocean Bliss
  • Sunrise at the Lake
  • Journey Through the Clouds
  • Mountain Melody (Music Mix)
  • Mountain melody (Nature Mix)
  • Jungle Rains

Videos range in length from 15 minutes to over an hour.

Below you will find the "Christmas Window" from the Chillaxation Network found on YouTube

-- Information is current as of November 14, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Find your inner Chi with The Chillaxation Netword. Scenes back with mellow music or nature sounds designed to melt your stress away. Brought to you by INC- The Independent Network Channel

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DEVELOPER: independent network channel

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