Sentimental Digital Network

Sentimental Digital Network has a small library of videos from Sentimental Productions, which has created more than 60 programs about "America: In Story, Scenery and Song." The channel includes four episodes of Sentimental Reflections, a quarterly video magazine that runs about 45 minutes in length. Currently available are Season 14 (Summer), Season 15 (Summer and Winter), and Season 17 (Spring).

Also included on this channel are two "Sentimental Serenity" videos, a half-hour "Sentimental Sing-Along", and three episodes of "Sentimental Timeless Trivia": Famous Places, Famous Faces; Advertising Slogans, Jingles & Taglines; and Mistletoe, Valentines & Pumpkin Pie.

An example of the videos available this Roku channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of July 7, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Sentimental Productions, a video production company based in Cincinnati, travels the nation to produce video programs that celebrate America in story, scenery and song. The company's main video series is Sentimental Reflections, a 45-minute edition that is produced four times each year. The company also produces several other video series all with the same goal in mind: to present glimpses of Americana that are both informative and entertaining.

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DEVELOPER: Sentimental Productions

FEES: None