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Senior Care Living Channel

Quick Look: Senior Care Living Channel features content from Senior Source, which addresses an issue many people must deal with at some point in their lives - taking care of elderly parents. While some of us may already have a plan in place most of us are left scurrying for solutions that may not be the best answer to such a serious situation. This channel may help those of us that have not yet got the wheels turning by providing valuable information so we can make an informed decision.

The channel is designed by Kris Chana,"the founder of Chelsea Place Senior Care, which provides in-home care, senior day care and assisted living services." The channel addresses may different scenarios, provides valuable information regarding possible options and discusses financial options that you may not be aware of. Subjects include but not limited to Home Health Care, Signs, Symptoms and Care for Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients, How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout, How to Keep Seniors Healthy, and What Does Long Term Care Insurance Pay For.

There are many other videos available on this channel and even more on the Kris Chana YouTube channel. Below is one of the many available videos.

-- Information is current as of June 4, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: #1 Educational Channel on Senior Care. Senior Care Experts helps family caregivers understand, find and select the best senior resources for their aging parents, spouse or loved one. Kris Chana is the founder of Chelsea Place Senior Care, which provides in-home care, senior day care and assisted living services. Through his experience, he has become the #1 expert in senior care by helping thousands of families understand and find the local senior resources.

Senior Source TV is dedicated to providing you with the best education, tools, and resources to make informed decisions for your loved one. This is a completely free service and we feel that it is our responsibility to share the information we have learned with the world.

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