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Seattle Community Media

Seattle Community Media Quick Look: Seattle Community Media is a public access channel. Seattle area SCM members produce their own half-hour to one-hour TV shows, either in the SCM studio or on their own, upload it, and schedule it for broadcast. SCM TV broadcasts in Seattle on Comcast Channel 77 and Wave Broadband Channel 23, as well as on the web and, now, on Roku.

The SCM TV broadcast schedule is available at As examples of channel content, currently (February 25, 2013) the following are a few fo the shows scheduled for broadcast: "Oh la la! Cooking: Moroccan salad," "Ethio Youth Media TV: A conversation with an Ethiopian community leader," "Moral Politics: FLUORIDE: How Safe in Drinking Water?," and "Adventure TV: 2012 Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show."

-- Information is current as of February 25, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: A live stream of Seattle Community Media, Seattle's public access television station broadcasting on Comcast 77 and Wave Broadband 23. More info on our programming including a schedule is available at

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