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SCBC Television

Quick Look: The Southern Cameroon Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) is an Ambazonian public service broadcaster headquarted in South Africa. Their SCBC Television Roku channel is a live stream of programming directed at "the English Speaking minority in Cameroon and the diaspora." At the time of our review, the channel was streaming an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. The SCBC website features Ambazonian news other regional content, so it's possible that the Roku channel includes more than old films, but we were unable to locate a broadcast schedule.

Video quality is rather poor with a lot of pixelation and frequent pauses to reload.

-- Information is current as of February 21, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: The SCBC television project is a newly formed multimedia television channel, which is aimed to fill one of the last remaining gaps in the quest for self-determination of the Southern Cameroons People. The market segment consists of the English Speaking minority in Cameroon and the diaspora.

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