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roopstigo Quick Look: Roopstigo provides a different view of sports than you'll find from media giants like ESPN. The website carries eight "channels", or categories, of content, but the Roku channel offers only four of those:

  • odd - British comic Stuart Ashen offers a humorous look at sports that include toe jamming, conkers, and cricket
  • toons - An animation series with parodies like Divine Interceptions which asks the question "What Would Touchdown Jesus Do?"
  • Healing Agent - Documentaries from Greg Marota
  • reel - Listed as short films and documentaries, but only one video, Morganna - The Kissing Bandit's Mystery", is currently available.

-- Information is current as of May 23, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: roopstigo is the revolutionary digital network that presents original sports content. roopstigo allows you to choose the documentaries, stories, and animation that you want from our nationally recognized filmmakers and writers.

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