Rico Tv

Quick Look: Rico Tv is a subscription-based Spanish-language channel. The channel is from Mexican production company Rico Video Sketch® and includes original productions like the series "Cosas de Hoteleria" and "Un Cafecito Rico." The channel also features sketches and films with comedian Carlos Eduardo Rico.

To Subscribe and link your Roku device you must create an account then "you just have to log on to the (account ricovideosketch.com/acceder ) and click the Add button device and input the code from your television screen.

-- Information is current as of November 8, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Rico Video Sketch, es una empresa mexicana dedicada a la representacion de comediantes, como exclusivo el Sr. Carlos Eduardo Rico, su representante y directora general es la Sra. Griselda Rico. English Translation: Rico Video Sketch, is a Mexican company dedicated to the representation of comedians, as exclusive Mr. Carlos Eduardo Rico, its representative and general director is Mrs. Griselda Rico.

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DEVELOPER: Zein Software

FEES: $89.00MXN/month subscription

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