puts a new spin on watching television by rewarding you with cryptocurrency, which can be redeemed for benefits like access to premium content, NFTs, and bonuses. To get rewarded, you will first need to
register for the channel on their website.

As for content, contains both a live stream and video-on-demand, with the latter including a collection of independent and vintage films from around the world. All of the films are located under the "Discover" tab and includes content in the following categories:

  • Celebrity Features - 14 independent films with stars that include Frankie Muniz, Brendan Fraser and Michael Jackson(Investigative film)
  • Top TV Series - 7 series including The Farm, The Circuit, Slope Slap and Celebrity Fish N' Fire
  • Documentaries - 17 titles including Nintendo Quest, Cryptopia and ET is Among Us 1
  • Comedies and Gutbusters - 9 titles including They're Watching, is it just me? and Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Horror - 10 titles that include a mix of vintage films and independent releases
  • Titillating Thrillers - 11 films
  • Reality TV - 13 titles including From A2Z The History of the Beatles, Another Shade of Blue and WPT(World Poker Tour)
  • Classics - 6 vintage films from the public domain
  • Fascinating History - 8 titles available
  • Dramas & Tear Jerkers - 11 available titles
  • True Crime and Mystery - 10 titles available

The live stream portion of this channel contains content in the following categories:

  • News - 6 stations including Video Elephant World News, Benzinga and U.K. News
  • Entertainment - 3 channels including BANG Showbiz, Zoomin and Video Elephant Lifestyle
  • Movies - Inspireflix
  • Sports - 3 channels available
  • Cars - AutomotoTV
  • Health - Fitness Health

-- Information is current as of June 15, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: is an ad-free, subscription-free, TOTALLY FREE, streaming service that PAYS YOU for enjoying and sharing your favorite TV shows and movies! Earn crypto in real-time for watching movies, TV shows, sports and news. The idea is simple. All you have to do is watch what you want, on whatever device you want, to earn rewards and get a chance to own exclusive NFTs supporting your favorite content creators. The earlier you join, the greater the reward. Sign up now to enjoy TOTALLY FREE content and be the first to start earning when we roll that out. Say goodbye to expensive subscriptions and annoying ads. Instead, Get Rewarded! Earn unique rewards and perks, and increase those rewards by sharing and promoting your favorite shows.

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DEVELOPER: Imagine Replay Inc

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