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Reviews Channel

Quick Look: The Reviews Channel provides a collection of movie, television, and Netflix vidoe reviews from YouTubers Chris Stuckmann, Jeremy Johns, and Austin Burke. Content currently includes the following:

  • TV Show reviews - 23 reviews from Jeremy Johns discussing The Walking Dead, The Wire and The Cape plus many more
  • 2019 Netflix Reviews - 20 reviews of Netflix movies, series and originals including Stranger Things, Mr. Iglesis and The Chef Show by Austin Burke
  • Transformers Reviews - 6 reviews of the Transformer movies by Chris Stuckmann
  • Star Wars Reviews - 22 of Star Wars movies, games and Specials by Chris Stuckmann
  • Marvel TV Reviews - 8 reviews including The Punisher, Defenders and Luke Cage by Chris Stuckmann
  • Older Movie Reviews - 30 titles including Lord of the Rings, Batman movies, Star Wars and Lost Boys just to name a few are reviewed by Jeremy Johns

One of the video reviews available on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of August 30, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: If you're looking for quality reviews of your favorite movies TV shows, you came to the right place! Find all that and more inside "The Reviews Channel".

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