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Quick Look: RescueMe.TV tells heartwarming stories of animal rescues around the world. Rescues are not limited to domestic animals like cats and dogs - there are also stories about wild animal rescues, including horses, elephants, sea turtles and foxes. Many of the stories are brought to you from Animal Aid Unlimited, which rescues all types of animals around the world.

The videos we watched did not have any dialogue, only subtitles and "emotional" background music very similar to the commercials you will find on television, which makes it hard to turn away. Unfortunately there is no official website for this channel, apparently all of the content is sourced form several different websites and YouTube channels.

Information is current as of August 27, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: RescueMe.TV takes you on rescue adventures around the world. Our contributors are heroes.
They locate and save injured, trapped, and lost animals of all species, shapes, and sizes. Our goal is to bring awareness to the stray, homeless and injured animal population.

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