Quick Look: Archery 2D is a basic point-and-shoot game where the object is to hit the bullseye and gain as many points as possible to move on to the next level. The basic game is free to play but you will not be able to unlock all of the available levels or post a score. The free version only gives you the first 10 levels of play, which consists of stationary and moving target with one backdrop, and your scores are not kept.

To play the game use your remote's up and down arrows to aim at your target. The OK button will release the arrow. Each shot leaves a "tracer" so you can see the trajectory of the arrow so you can adjust on the next shot. The target moves between shots so that you are not always aiming straight ahead.

Screenshots of Archery 2D can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 6, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Test your skills and play in one of the most competitive archery games. Master all the levels while being the best archer and rule the rankings!

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DEVELOPER: Rendered Ideas

FEES: Basic game is free, $0.99 for full game