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Quick Look: RANKER culture, creepy, weird is a "ranking" channel where videos are voted on by the public. The RANKER website has numerous categories that get voted on, but the Roku channel currently covers just three:

  • Ranker discusses celebrity Top 10s such as "10 celebrities you never realized had Goth phases," "Real pregnancies that were written into TV shows," and "The absolute best music of 2018." You will also find actor interviews in a category called "Crowd Wisdom"; actors include Chad L. Coleman and Jake Busey.
  • Weird includes Weird History and Weirdly Interesting. Weird History ranks some of the strangest moments in history. Categories covered include Politics, World History, US History, Royalty, War, Mysteries, Historical Figures and Ancient History. Stories on this channel include "Randy Rhodes: The guitar Prodigy's Heart Breaking Plane Crash," "The Original Wizard of Oz Books are Shockingly Violent," and "Lori Ruff and the Dark Secret she Hid from Everyone."
  • The final category is titled Creepy, which is a collection of creepy stories found on the internet. Titles include "Haunting Stories from Real Life Psych Ward Workers," "Creepy Stories from Real Long Haul Truckers," and "Disturbing Stories from Actual Funeral home Directors."

The channel's home screen lists videos in three catgories: RankWorthy, Weird History, and Deadtime Stories. Checking a box under any of the videos will place those vidoes into "My Queue," which is accessible from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

-- Information is current as of April 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Now you can watch the best of Ranker's pop culture, creepy and just plain weird videos in your living room. Our ever-expanding series include RankWorthy, Deadtime Stories, Weird History and Weirdly Interesting with new series to come.

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