Rainbow Dash

Quick Look: Rainbow Dash is a game where you traverse a maze, jumping from pad to pad while you brighten the screen along the way. The game has 10 levels plus an infinity or random level, each of which get progressively more difficult as you complete the level.

The object of the game is to successfully jump from pad to pad using the OK button on your remote, turning the dull gray world into a bright array of rainbow colors while the screen is constantly moving to the right trying to catch you. The game tracks what percentage of the world you have "colored."

-- Information is current as of July 18, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Bounce your way through this world of gray and leave a trail of colors as you exit the fray :)

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DEVELOPER: Romans I XVI Gaming

FEES: Free with commercials. Ad-Free version for one-time purchase of $1.99


Rainbow Dash on Roku
Rainbow Dash on Roku
Rainbow Dash on Roku
Rainbow Dash on Roku