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Quick Look: PowerNation is comprised of many different car and truck customization shows, including the following:

  • Carcass - 1 season of total vehicle restorations
  • Detroit Muscle - Working with ‘60s and ‘70s era muscle cars and Detroit’s latest modern muscle machines, viewers learn how to do step-by-step restoration and modification projects
  • Engine Power - Pro engine builders give viewers the secrets on assembling and tuning everything from mild performance street machines to full race monsters.
  • Truck Tech - Expert techs demonstrate how to restore, modify, customize and paint classic and late model 2- and 4-wheel drive pickups, sport trucks, and SUVs.
  • XOR - Metal working skills are shared as viewers learn how to fab and weld custom crawlers, buggies, diesels, and 4x4’s before punishing them on the trail.
  • Power Nation on the Road - Takes a look at iconic automotive events
  • 2 Min Tech - quick tips and fixes for everyday vehicles
  • Power Nation Shorts - Visits collectors, drivers and builders of classic and modern cars
  • PN Daily - The latest news in the automotive industry
  • YMM - Road tests and reviews of late model vehicles
  • Power Nation Garage - The "How To" series for the at home mechanic
  • Classic Trucks - 7 seasons of classic trucks and 4 wheel drive vehicles
  • Horse Power - Seasons 10-17 available, featuring the longest running auto how-to show. The show targets street machine owners, hot rodders and racers alike.
  • Muscle Car - 8 seasons of a how-to series about sourcing, restoring, painting, modifying original V8 American muscle cars.
  • Off-Road Action - 1 season of this show that takes you on dirt trails, mud pits and rock crawls with the meanest 4 wheel trucks, buggies, and bikes.
  • Search and Restore - 2 seasons of host Tim Strange collaborating with volunteer teams to rebuild vehicles for deserving families.
  • Top Dead Center - 1 season that takes you to high speed dirt bike and motorcycle races, along with tech tips for your bike.
  • Trucks! - watch episodes from seasons 8-15 about customizing, painting and modifying new and classic trucks, domestic and imported 2/4WD pickups, SUV's and diesels.
  • Xtreme 4x4 - 9 seasons of televisions first series dedicated exclusively to showing how to fabricate hardcore trail rigs, sand buggies, lifted pickups, and off-road vehicles

The PowerNation TV YouTube channel contains additional content not found on the Roku channel, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of March 18, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: PowerNation TV is America's most watched automotive how-to programming. It is the most credible, highest-rated, longest-running tech content on television.

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DEVELOPER: RTM Productions, LLC.

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