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POV Horror Found Footage Films

Quick Look: POV Horror Found Footage Films offers an extensive collection of found footage films. This film technique gives viewers more of a first person perspective when watching the movie.

The channel is full of recently-released films that for the most part have flown under the radar. Titles include Nightfall(2011), Hide the Monster (2015) and The Last Witch (2015). The films are categorized as follows:

  • Featured
  • Trailers (FREE)
  • Alien Films
  • Shorts
  • Marble Hornets
  • Haunted World of CW- 3 seasons

Clicking on any title brings up a brief synopsis of the movie, but clicking on any of the 50 free trailers that are available gives you a much better perspective of the movie.

A trailer from the movie Nightfall can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of September 5, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Specializing in 'Found-Footage' films in the horror genre, science-fiction and otherwise, POV Horror brings curated, quality 'Found-Footage' movies you cannot find elsewhere, as well as original produced content. More information at

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DEVELOPER: Wicked Content

FEES: Annual Subscrription rate of $19.99, Monthly Subscription Rate of $3.99

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