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Quick Look: Pingo, short for "picture bingo," is an interactive game requiring two or more players on separate devices. To access the game, go to the Pingo game site and enter the game code shown on the Pingo Roku channel, but don't leave the website. Once two or more players have joined the game, you can begin.

Unfortunately, the game has not yet reached a critical mass of players. Actually it had no players every time I tried playing. After waiting nearly 15 minutes for other players to join, I called it quits. I tried at other times, and there were still no other players.

If there had been at least one other player, the game works like this: Nine images are shown on the game's website after you enter the game code. When the game starts, two pictures will be shown on your TV; select a matching picture on the website. If you're the first to select that picture, the picture will be filled in on the website. Fill in all nine images to win.

That's correct - the game is actually played on your computer or mobile device, not on the Roku. The Roku is used only to display the images that you select on your computer or mobile device. I haven't figured out why the Roku is even necessary, as the image to match could just as easily be shown on the website where you're playing the game.

-- Information is current as of February 7, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Pingo (picture bingo) is great for all ages! Can you find the pictures before everyone else?

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DEVELOPER: Stegman Company LLC

FEES: None


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