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Personal Defense Network

Quick Look: The Personal Defense Network is a subscription-based channel that teaches anyone and everyone interested in owning or purchasing a gun how to properly and safely handle all type of firearms.

PDN claims to be "The leading destination for high quality, personal defense video tips and techniques." The lessons are taught by certified firearm and self defense experts who have years of professional training and experience. Video content covers all of the basics of gun safety, home defense, self and situational awareness, hand to hand combat, gear recommendations and non lethal forms of self defense.

There are quite a few free videos available, and all videos provide a trailer and brief synopsis of the content. Categories include:

  • Free Videos
  • Firearms Training
  • Self Defense Videos
  • More From PDN
  • Gold Member Videos

Subscribers can "favorite" any video so you can easily locate it for future viewing. To subscribe, you must visit their website and create an account.

The PersonalDefenseNet YouTube channel contains additional free videos not found on this channel, including the one below.

-- Information is current as of May 28, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The goal of Personal Defense Network (PDN) is simple - to be the leading destination of high-quality, personal defense video content online and a no-nonsense gathering place for those serious about arming themselves for defense in every aspect of their lives. We found there was a need for high-quality personal defense instructional videos, so we searched out the top instructors in the field and produced the Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series. We partnered with Rob Pincus, a personal defense industry leader and owner of I.C.E. Training, to provide instruction on our DVDs as well as act as executive director for

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FEES: $69.00/year

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