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Peeps TV

Quick Look: Peeps TV is an educational channel discussing various health concerns related to autism. The following programs are available:

  • Doctor Suzanne Humphries - 8 videos discussing vaccinations
  • Polly's Place UK - 8 videos about Polly's Place, a shop that provides vocational opportunities to people with autism
  • Bella's Bakehouse - 6 healthy dessert and snack recipes
  • Finances and Autism - Financial planning for dependents with autism (6 videos)
  • Alli And Polly Tips - Health and activity ideas for parents and children with autism
  • Question of the Week - Health and social advice for people with autism
  • Meet The Lawlers - A six-part series that follows a family from Dubai to Texas to get help for their autistic son

-- Information is current as of December 5, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome Peeps! Peeps TV is your channel. It's the people's channel. We've included the following subchannels: Unseen Documentary Footage Honest Doctors Doctor Suzanne Humphries Meet The Lawlers Stories From The Road Alli And Polly Tips Finances and Autism Polly's Place Bella's Bakehouse

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DEVELOPER: Autism Media Channel LLC

FEES: None