PChatman Network

Quick Look: PChatman Network on Roku offers family-friendly programming that includes animated productions for the kids (Afro-Man and The Schroeder) and cooking shows for adults (Heart of the House). Other content includes:

  • Movies and Short Films - Shaneequa, Picture Perfect
  • Award Shows - Lumbie Awards, EQT Award Show
  • Talk Shows - Style Center, Tammi Tubbs, Indie Style, Serious Soul and Ndeipi MuDiaspora
  • Documentaries - BB King Museum
  • Music and Entertainment - Certified 101 TV

The Roku channel is currently free, although the PChatman Network website ask you to subscribe for $7.99/month. It isn't clear what the subscription provides that is not found for free on Roku.

-- Information is current as of October 19, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: The PChatman Network is a family entertainment network that will feature movies, talk show, reality shows, cooking shows, music shows, children shows, spiritual content, and much more.

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DEVELOPER: Virtual Eminence

FEES: None

PChatman Network Website
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