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The Pals

Quick Look: "The Pals" are four friends - Denis, Alex, Sub, and Sketch - who create family-friendly videos of themselves play video games like Roblox and conduct challenges. (The Roku channel store still refers to 5 friends, but Corl was ousted from the group in 2019.) Videos available on the Roku channel include "Roblox Adventures - Escape my Old Grandpa in Roblox," "How to Survive a Shark Attack! Will you Swim Away or Stay Still? - Roblox," and "Fortnite Jetpack Failure! - The Pals play Fortnite."

One of the videos available on this channel can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of January 28, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to the Pals channel! We are a group of 5 best friends – Denis, Sub, Alex, Corl and Sketch – who play games together and have fun. On this channel you’ll see us play a lot of Roblox, from the wackiest Obby to the randomest Tycoon to plenty of Pokemon, Hello Neighbor, FNAF, Bendy and the Ink Machine as well as Roblox Adventures in High School, Meep City, Murdery Mystery 2 and even full Roblox Animations! And it’s all totally family and kid friendly!

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc.

FEES: None