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Ninja Dash

Quick Look: Ninja Dash is a very simplistic "run and jump" arcade game where the object is to get your "ninja" avatar to the end of an obstacle course without running into any blocks that stand in the way. In the first level, your ninja runs on either the floor or the ceilings. When you see blocks coming up, hit the up or down or arrow to move him to either the ceiling or floor to miss the blocks. Level 2 plays the same, except that the floor the ceiling have red blocks in some places that will knock the ninja from one to the other. We grew bored with the whole thing before reaching Level 3, so we never got to try out that "shiny sword" referred to in the Roku channel store. The screenshots from the channel store, shown below, indicate that the game does become more difficult at higher levels.

Those first two levels were free, but the game prompts you at the beginning to purchase the full version. Presumably, only a certain number of levels are free, then you'll have to pay to continue.

-- Information is current as of August 28, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Run, Jump & Dodge your way through obstacles and enemies in various challenging levels.Use your cool Ninja techniques to get past everything. Change your gravity or use your shiny sword. Simple game-play and eye catching graphics and environment will get you addicted to this game.

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DEVELOPER: Rendered Ideas

FEES: $1.99 one-time purchase for full game