Night Sky Screensaver

Quick Look: Night Sky Screensaver displays a slideshow of beautiful starry skies while your Roku is idle. Several examples are shown in the screenshots below.

This screensaver has the option of displaying the current time, and you can change the delay between slides in increments from 5 to 30 seconds. A weather widget is also available for $0.99/month or $7.99 per year, each with a 2-day trial. A lifetime purchase is available for $9.99.

In addition to acting as a screensaver, this channel can be manually launched from your Roku's home screen anytime you wish to view it.

To set this screensaver to activate when your Roku is idle, install the screensaver then go to Settings from your Roku's home screen and select Theme >> Screensavers >> select the screensaver >> Set as screensaver. You can also manually activate the screensaver by launching it from your Roku's home screen like any other channel.

-- Information is current as of December 2, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Amazing Night Sky photo collection. Just imagine billions and billions stars on your TV. You won't ever see this in the city. Weather and Clock widgets available.

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FEES: None for the screensaver; weather widget available for additional fee

Night Sky Screensaver
Night Sky Screensaver
Night Sky Screensaver