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Quick Look: NiaTV is a subscription-based channel that features fitness videos that are enhanced by adding mental and spiritual health in your movement, creating a more holistic experience. The videos seem to incorporate a fair amount of dance moves into their regiment, thus eliminating exercise equipment, making it easy to do at home.

The video library is only available to subscribers. You can create a free account on your Roku, but there is only one brief trailer video available until you purchase a subscription. A preview for this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of February 5, 2018

Developer's Channel Description:An Interactive portal to everything Nia. Access to a vast amount of content featuring Nia Trainers from around the globe. Learn how to enhance your workouts by adding mental and spiritual health in your movement for a more holistic experience through NiaTV.

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DEVELOPER: Nia Technique, Inc.

FEES: $9.99 Monthly, $25.00 for 3 Months, $90.00 Annual subscription fee

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