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New Zealand club rugby

Quick Look: New Zealand club rugby lets you watch 10 past matches from this amateur league. All games pit local provincial teams against one another creating, quite a sense of rivalry in the division. The videos feature full length matches and tournaments with an average game time of almost 2 hours. There are no commentators but there are on field mics allowing crowd and player voices to be heard.

-- Information is current as of January 15, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The club season in New Zealand usually runs from March until late July or early August in any given year and amateur clubs compete on a regional basis. The sides play in intra provincial competitions against other teams from within their own provincial unions boundaries and this is the highest level of club play possible. There is no National club league, or nationwide competition for amateur club rugby.
Most of the 26 provincial unions have a number of divisions of club rugby within their province, particularly larger unions who may have as many as 6 or 7 tiers of club leagues. Some smaller Unions only have 1 division however. Some unions have promotion and relegation between their divisions, while in others, clubs are represented in several divisions, and in those cases, the players are promoted or demoted within their own club to/from that club's higher level team. Playing premier division one club rugby (also called "Seniors" in some provinces) in any union is the highest level of club rugby in New Zealand. In order to play in the Nationwide Representative competitions, The Mitre 10 Cup and Heartland Championship players must be selected, usually due to their form during the club season which precedes the Provincial representative season. Therefore, a representative player will play both for a club and a provincial team in the same season. This is grassroots rugby.

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