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Nature and Meditation Channel

Quick Look: Nature and Meditation Channel has ten ambient videos. The channel has three categories - Nature, Meditation, and Space - with five to ten videos each, but you'll find videos duplicated across categories. Some example titles are:

  • Mountain Stream Nature Video - A short video, which loops for 14 minutes, gives a fixed view of a river flowing down rapids in a canyon with the sound of running water.
  • Mountain Nature Meditation Video - Video of clouds billowing up mountain peaks, accompanied by the sound of wind.
  • Japanese Garden Nature Video with Meditation Music - A 19-minute video of a bubbling fountain in a Japanese garden, accompanied by the sound of water and soft music
  • Wind in the Cherry Trees Nature Video with Meditation Music - This 4-minute video is actually a computer-generated graphic with simulated leaves floating around the screen.

Even though descriptions may say "with meditation music," some of those videos include only ambient noise (running water, etc.) with no music.

-- Information is current as of January 29, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Nature and Meditation Channel features beautiful nature videos with beautiful music, nature sounds and Isochronic tones, pink noise and delta waves to help you relax and meditate.

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DEVELOPER: Ultimate Broadcasting Network

FEES: None