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National Sewing Circle

Quick Look: National Sewing Circle is an online resource for new sewing instruction, ideas, and information that has been creating instructional sewing videos since 2012. Those videos are now available on the National Sewing Circle Roku channel. The sewing videos are taught by experts who walk you through the techniques and provide demonstrations along iwth helpful tips and ideas. The instructors are all well-versed in both sewing and teaching, making the videos more enjoyable.

Videos are available in the following categories, each of which has numerous sub-categories:

  • Free Videos
  • Sewing Skills
  • Project Videos
  • Gold Member Videos

The channel is subscription-based, but you can view all of the available titles and even watch quite a few free videos as well. All videos sampled, locked and free, offered a video trailer as well as a lengthy and informative synopsis.

Videos include a variety of basic sewing techniques, stitches, fabric recommendations, and tools and their proper use, not to mention all of the fun projects ranging from home decor to various types of clothing. Titles include "How to Make Pajama Pants", "How to Sew a Headband", "Throw Pillows" and "5 Sewing Tools Everyone Needs". Additional content can be found on the National Sewing Circle YouTube channel including the video below.

-- Information is current as of March 2, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: National Sewing Circle is your go-to online resource for new sewing instruction, ideas, and information – a community where passionate sewers can come together to express their creativity and learn to create something beautiful.
At NSC, we know that sewing is so much more than a hobby for you – it’s a lifestyle. We want to be your favorite place where you can feed that passion by learning new techniques, getting inspiring new ideas, and connecting with other sewers who feel the same way as you.

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FEES: $59.00/year for basic membership; $125/year for Gold Level membership