Quick Look: Mytonomy is a channel from a production company of the same name that provides healthcare facilities and their patients with short-form virtual care videos in both English and Spanish "to elevate the patient experience, engage patients across the care continuum, and expand access to critical care across diverse populations." Their Roku channel contains four categories of these videos:

  • Type 2 New Insulin User - 5 videos discussing Insulin, Disposing of Needles, Injections with an Insulin Pen
  • Common Conditions - 7 videos covering the common cold, cough symptoms/treatments, tonsillitis, sinus infection, bronchitis treatment and allergic rhinitis
  • Knee Replacement Surgery - 8 videos discussing implants and prosthetics, planning your surgery, risks, personal stories
  • Knee Replacement - 6 videos including per-surgery exercises including Hips, Stretches, Leg Raises

The Mytonomy YouTube channel contains additional content, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of December 2, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: "Mytonomy - the award-winning content creator used by major hospitals - is now available to you, on demand, with professional, factual and entertaining videos. From healthy-lifestyle guides to exercises and tips for managing medical conditions, Mytonomy's experts have done the homework, to bring you videos that are quick and easy to watch. Using the science of microlearning, Mytonomy's videos work the same way your brain does, letting you learn more in less time.

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DEVELOPER: Mytonomy, Inc.

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