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Mysteries of Alaska

Quick Look: Mysteries of Alaska presents the 1944 Universal movie serial "The Great Alaskan Mystery." This 13-chapter serial revolves around a local adventurer in search of Nazi spies who have obtained a death ray known as the Paratron. The total run time for this series is nearly 4 hours.

The first chapter in this serial can be seen below

-- Information is current as of January 11, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: The cold outland with magnificent views, tranquility, and farness – these are the things that attracted numerous adventure seekers to Alaska. ‘Mysteries of Alaska’ is the short format film presented in 1944 by Universal Films. The story is set in a snowy Alaska where Nazi allocated their base to use their secret wondrous system. Actually, we’re talking about a secret weapon that can destroy everything, they called it the Paratron, and it’s a true death ray.

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