MyMedia Quick Look: The MyMedia app from PlayOn lets you stream videos, photos, and music from a desktop or laptop computer to a Roku-connected TV. What sets this Roku app apart from several others is that it will convert media to a Roku-compatible format if necessary.

As with other computer-to-Roku streaming media apps, the computer and the Roku device must be on the same WiFi or LAN network. Sorry, but videos on your home computer can't streamed to friends or relatives. You will also need to download and install the MyMedia server software onto your computer.

Here is a full list of MyMedia features as provided on the PlayOn website:

  • Ability to include iTunes music playlists
  • Share media files on your USB devices
  • Better support for sharing media on network shares (NAS, etc.)
  • Include embedded or external subtitles in transcoded output
  • Improved fast forwarding functionality for transcoded content
  • Better hierarchy and structure of media file folders and categories
  • Ability to specify file extensions that should be served directly to devices, without transcoding
  • Generate dynamic cover art for all media, if possible to acquire from online sources
  • Improved efficiency of metadata extraction from media files
  • Checking parental control metadata
  • Samsung TVs: show thumbnail images as well as the ability to directly serve .srt subtitle files

The necessary software, along with full instructions for setting up the software and streaming media to your Roku, are provided at the MyMedia website link below.

For other apps that will stream your personal media to your Roku, check out Couchy Play, DriveCast, Juice, PlayTo, roConnect, and roDropbox.

-- Information is current as of May 16, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: View your personal media for free! MyMedia delivers your media from your PC to your TV. Watch your favorite home videos, view slideshows, and listen to your favorite songs. It will even convert media on the fly to a format your Roku can play! Setting up MyMedia is a breeze, using it is even easier.

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