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My Planet TV

Quick Look: My Planet TV features documentaries and TV series that explore the world around us, with an emphasis on science, nature, and cultures. Popular shows on My Plant TV include:

  • Planet of the Cats - This is actually a series of six short videos from Animal Planet called Cats 101 that focus on specific breeds such as Cornish Rex and Turkish Van.
  • eXperiments - Two seasons of half-hour science-based episodes that look at topics like sleight of hand, multicopters, and life-saving devices.
  • Target Range - 16 half-hour episodes showing weapons and military gear in action, including the T-72Bs tank, the state-of-the-art Angara launch vehicle, and a ballistic missile submarine.
  • NatureBro - A "telenaturist" shows life in different Russian nature preserves.
  • Elusive Folk - One-of-a-kind insight into the life of ethnic minorities, including the Nganasans, the Evens, the Koryaks, and the Izhoras.
  • Dancing Planet - A touristic adventure through dance; the host travels the world studying new dance styles.

Those are just a handful of the many series available. Others include Astronaut Diaries: Year In Space, Eating Science, It's in Your Brain, Living Symbols of the Planet, National Treasure, and Chemistry of Taste.

-- Information is current as of January 29, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: What? Where? When? How? To get questions answered — head on a great adventure. Enjoy the beauty of the world and declare your love for the planet! Look at the people’s faces from different countries to understand that all of us are similar! My PLANET TV — the whole Universe on the palm of your hand!

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