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My First Vegetable Garden

Quick Look:My First Vegetable Garden features videos from the Gary Pilarchik YouTube channel, which provides novice gardeners with insightful information about starting and growing a productive home vegetable garden. The collection of videos takes you from day one when you start your seeds through harvest time. The videos in between discuss transplanting, watering schedules, insect control, pruning, and fertilization of your plants.

These video guides apply to most plants; however, the main focus on this channel is tomato gardening. Other videos include pruning your peppers for a stronger plant, container gardening tips, staking and trellising your plants, and explaining the differences between garden store planting mixes.

Below is one of the videos currently available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of April 19, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: My goal is to create short and useful garden videos. The videos will proceed as if you don't have any experience and need information about every aspect of gardening. I have a private G+ Gardening Community that will support your questions and needs to help you have a great gardening experience. Please feel free to join my private G+ Gardening Community called of My First Vegetable Garden! This channel is .

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