Muscle & Fitness+

Quick Look: Muscle & Fitness+, from Muscle & Fitness magazine, features interviews and open panel discussions with the top competitors in the world of professional bodybuilding. Content is available in the following categories:

  • The Menace Podcast - 1 season: Dennis James interviews the top stars of fitness
  • Buff Dynasty - 1 season: Follow the Wings of Strength production crew around the globe for a look behind the scenes at the world's top bodybuilding competitions
  • Monday Night Muscle - 1 season: Shaun Ray and bob Cicherillo talk with champions, fitness stars and industry leaders about the state of body building today
  • Femme Flex Friday - 1 season: Female Bodybuilding, Fitness & Talk Health show hosted by Alina Popa and Lenda Murray
  • Competitions: 2021 Valley of the Sun, 2020 Chicago Pro, 2020 Savannah Pro

The channel requires you to create a free account (email and password) before you can view any of the content.

The Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel contain additional content, including the video below.

Information is current as of August 26, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: M&F’s latest endeavor raises the bar yet again by providing subscribers with a steady flow of high-quality original programming, podcasts, and live streams of the biggest and best bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

In addition, countless hours of on-demand video content featuring workout and nutrition tips, plus interviews with top-tier trainers and the stars of the IFBB Pro League will also be available for subscribers to watch anytime and on a variety of devices.

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