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Movie Blockbusters

Quick Look: Movie Blockbusters offers hundreds of older, straight-to-video, and B-movies in many different genres that include:

  • Action
  • Animated
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Family Documentary
  • Science Fiction
  • Educational
  • Thriller

Scrolling through the enormous library of content did not uncover any "blockbuster" or otherwise notable titles. There is a large collection of kid-friendly animated films in both the Animated and Family categories. All content is free, but ad-supported.

-- Information is current as of September 25, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Movies Blockbusters delivers unlimited FREE instant streaming of the biggest and best new releases and movies. Stream films and series of all genres absolutely free with no subscription, check it out now! Choose from our incredible selection of entertainment including horror, thriller, comedy, family, action, science fiction, romance, animation, kids, western, documentaries and more! Blockbuster Movies has everything you can dream of – available absolutely free with no subscription.

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