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Monarch Action

Quick Look: Monarch Action is a collection of 16 B-rated action films. Titles include (descriptions courtesy of iMDB):

  • Thick as Thieves (2009) - Kidnapping, shootouts, explosions... girlfriends. It's just another day in this house when Dave (Bob Ferguson) unleashes his crew to take down a man from his past named "Kincaid" (B.R. Smith). But when the job goes south it's up to an outsider named Rob (James Ladd) to save their skins.
  • Disorder (2006) - When David Randall was sent away for a brutal double murder, his claims of innocence and description of a masked killer went ignored. Now, accompanied by the horrific memory of that night, David, a medicated schizophrenic, has returned home hoping for a new life. But his attempt is failing.
  • The Weekend Killer (2011) - Detectives Joey Moretti and Patricia Stevens are trying to track down a serial killer that preys on young attractive women, leaving only cryptic messages carved into their flesh as clues. Joey struggles to keep himself together as the investigation leads him closer and closer to the deranged killer.
  • Dead Retribution(2011) - When Detective Seamus Kilpatrick is killed in the line of duty, he is brought back to bring his killer and who ever is involved to justice
  • Domestic Hell(2018) - Bonds are tested, wills broken and metal forged in this twisted thriller. Jack and Julia are a couple with secrets, Blanca is a tortured soul with a past and Olivia is hellbent on finding the truth.

-- Information is current as of March 14, 2019

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